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Cousteau’s Calypso

Looks like famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau‘s ship Calypso will set sail again.

Calypso has been sitting in a drydock in a boatyard in France while a legal battle swirled between the shipyard’s owner and the late Cousteau‘s widow.

A French court had given Francine Cousteau, the explorer’s second wife, a deadline of March 11, 2015, to get the ship out of the drydock and reimburse the shipyard for renovations, but The Guardian reported at the time that that deadline had come and passed with nothing happening.

This week, however, the Cousteau Society announced on its website that it has bought the vessel and plans to refurbish it to be ready for sea again:

“Thousands of fans from around the world have brought their moral support to The Cousteau Society for the full refurbishment of Calypso. The considerable costs entailed by this project have, on too many occasions over the last 20 years, prevented this goal from being achieved."

“Finally, The Cousteau Society has managed to gather a group of generous and highly motivated international sponsors, whose objectives are compatible with those of the Cousteau Society.”

At some point by the end of April, Calypso will be able to leave the shipyard, fitted with a pair of marine engines that were purchased in 2009.

Francine Cousteau said:

“When Calypso will return to the Mediterranean, she will be seaworthy and powered by her own two motors, as was Captain Cousteau’s wish. I am extremely happy to announce this great news, after a 20 year long struggle against adversity and various mishaps. I am grateful to those who have helped us, and I invite all of those who share our joy today to join us.”

To follow the status of Calypso‘s refurbishment, keep an eye on the Cousteau Society website.

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