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12/24V System Service

12 volt devices are more plentiful and less expensive. The reason is economies of scale and creating devices for the mass market.


The advantage of 24 volts is smaller diameter wire required (less expense and weight). 24 volt motors are about 2/3 the size of 12 volt motors which might be helpful for a large anchor windlass or the starter motor on a very large engine.


If you are limited to one system or the other, smaller yachts where you do not have lengthy wire runs you are overall better off with a 12 volt system because of the lower prices (with the exception of wire) and greater selection.


As TMS, we specialize in installation and troubleshooting the electrical systems (12/24V) for yachting boats.

A/C Systems Service

Our suppliers have been building A/C systems which has quality and reliability for many years.


They have won awards and nominations for these products, not only for their quality, but for the innovative features they present.


Our experts will help you to choose the right A/C systems. It is up to you to decide which technology is best suited for your boat or yacht.


Besides, as TMS team, we can service and install A/C systems for your needs.

Air Conditioner
Men at Work

Boiler Systems Service

The boat boiler is ideal for use in motor boats and sailing boats. Weather it comes complete with a flexible exhaust and combustion air duct or electrical heater.


We have many suppliers. Our experts will help you to choose the right boilers. It is up to you to decide which technology is best suited for your boat or yacht.


Besides, as TMS team, we can service and install boiler systems for your needs. Feel free to keep in touch with us.

Charger / Starter Service

Over the years, we have serviced and install nearly every type and size of chargers. As TMS, we offer to service all brands of chargers and starters.

  • Check

  • Inspection

  • Digital measurements

  • Replacement

  • Brand new installlations

Nothing shortens a battery's life more quickly than storing it without a maintenance charger. Before your boat's battery dies in the middle of a sea, you'll want to make sure it has been properly charged.


From standard electronic battery chargers to inverter chargers, solar chargers, smart chargers, to trickle chargers, we have everything you need to keep your battery full.


Feel free to contact us..

Dishwasher Repair
Electrical Circuit

Panel Systems Service

Over the years, we have maintained electrical control panels and solved disturbance problems. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of electrical panels.


Feel free to contact with us.


Electric Pumps Service 

Holding / Fresh Water / Fuel

Marine electical pumps are used at boat plumbing systems as multipurpose.


There are lots of kind of electrical pumps in the market. We are service and install any kind of marine pumps.


Feel free to contact with us.


Galvanic Isolator Service

The ground line connected to the boat system from the shore with the shore supply cable is connected to the boat anodes. The leak, which reaches your boat and your anodes with the shore ground connection, is connected to the beach with the formation of batteries.


This situation first causes your anodes to melt and finish, and then metal parts such as the shaft and propeller in the boat hull to deform and melt. The most economical solution of this issue is the galvanic isolator application and it is very easy to install.


Whatever earth problems on boat or shore earth increase the voltage in the earth cable. These situations affect your boat and this could result loss of all the metal on the boat below the waterline.

Feel free to keep in touch with us.

Led Systems Service

As TMS, we offer follow-up any kind of circuit failrules and replacements of all navigation lights to LED.

In addition, we offer measures and services that can reduce the amount of energy consumed on your boat and increase your quality of life on the sea by converting the entire lighting system, including navigation lights, to LED.


As TMS team, we design the most suitable system for your boat and provide installation and service.

Feel free to contact with us


Refrigerator Systems Service

If you decide to install a new refrigeration for the first time, or doing a major upgrade on your existing system, TMS technicans will help you to choose right systems which you need.


As TMS, we are service all kind of refrigirator systems since many years.

  • Project design

  • System check

  • Gas filling

  • New installations

In addition, we work with many manufacturers that have become prominent in the market.


Do not hesitate to contact us for customized solutions for your boat.

Solarpanel Systems Service

Solar Panels work on a simple principle, when sunlight is exposed to the panel surface, electrical power is produced. Most solar panels will produce power for 20+ years of service and are typically selected based on the wattage (power) produced for your specific needs. We are working with lots of qualified supliers.


Our Technicans will help you to choose right systems which you need.

  • Project design

  • System check

  • Solarpanel installation

  • Inox works

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