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Safety Equipment Service

TMS offers service and replacement of safety equipments. Private boats need to carry safety equipmenst as mentioned below. Lifejackets must be suitable for the intended wearer, in good condition and serviced at least every 12 months (or at longer intervals in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions).Liferafts must be serviced preriodically. Additional bilge pumps and fire extinguishers may be required for larger vessels.

We are working with well known supliers.We also are refillingt fire extinguishers.

  • At least one lifejacket per person (Level 50S or greater)

  • At least one anchor and chain/line (to suit vessel size/weight and sea floor).

  • At least one fire bucket and lanyard

  • At least one bilge pump – Manual or power operated (vessel with covered bilge(s) or closed under-floor compartments other than airtight void spaces and must be capable of draining each compartment).

  • At least one fire extinguisher (vessels with electric start, electric motors, battery, gas or fuel stoves). 1

  • At least one pair of Paddles or oars and rowlocks (in vessels under 6 metres unless a second means of propulsion is fitted). 1

  • At least one safety labels (appropriate to vessel type).

  • At least one sound signal (air horn/whistle/bell).

  • At least one waterproof torch (floating and operational).

Life Raft Service

As Technical Marine Service, we service Liferafts. Liferaft inspections and repacks are carried out by professional factory which has trained and certified technicians. Every liferaft is serviced according to USCG and manufacturer guidelines using only the highest quality replacement parts and equipment. Liferaft Services can provide inspection and repacking for all major brands of liferafts.

We have an extensive listing of approvals by manufactures and by regulatory bodies that have required us to meet stringent guidelines to meet approval requirements. Our investment in training for our service technicians is what makes us one of the most qualified companies in the world.


For more details please feel free to contact us.

Dingy Repair Service

As Technical Marine Service, we service and repair all leading brands of inflatable boats including repair to Avon, Zodiac, Bombard, XM, Narwhal, Yam, Wetline & Plastimo inflatable boats.


Our experienced staff will ensure your inflatable is repaired to a high standard and will finish the job by carrying out a full pressure test to make sure the repairs have been successful. Dingy service maintains all parts of the dingies regardless make or type.


Anything that needs to be done, we can do:

  • We will inflate pressure test and carry out any repairs that are be covered in the minimum fee

  • If there are any larger repairs required a quotation will be issued prior to proceeding

  • Our typical completion time from drop off is around 3-4 days

  • Once repairs are complete a full pressure test will be carried out prior to the boat being repacked

Feel free to contact with us.

Dingy Cover Manufacture

Wheather your dinghy stored on deck or land, we can manufacture custom sailing dinghy covers for your dinghy.


At TMS, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Using only the very best materials, each cover is carefully tailored to the highest standard. Every cover is fitted with adjustable draw strings, soft webbing belly bands, and velcro and buckle fastenings to give a snug fit.


The choice of material is yours. You can choose either PVC and/or cotton polyester. Our under covers are supplied in hard wearing nylon.


Feel free to contact with us.

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