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Sail Manufacture & Repairs

Keeping an eye on the condition of your sails and making repairs promptly is the key to making sure they last as long as possible and deliver peak performance as long as they're in use. These repairs make it possible to use your sails longer and save the owners from the cost of replacing them.

Your sails will be serviced and repaired by our sailmakers here in Marmaris. New sails can be ordered at NORTH SAILS, UK SAILS, ELVSTROM and QUANTUM here in Turkey.

We have a full-service loft dedicated to sail repair and modification. From Reef Points on a Benetau 29 to a Sunband on a Swan 60. Call us and let us know about how you would like to upgrade your sails. 

Technical Marine Service process, begins with the inspection of your sails. Each sail is measured, inspected for needed repairs, and the cloths checked for delamination from the sun, including the integrity of sewn seams. If indicated, we will advise you if seams should be over-sewn for added strength and safety; we always secure authorization for repairs before we proceed.

Feel free to contact with us.

Standing & Moving Rig Check

After inspection of your rig, we can do:

Level A: Visual Inspection with Mast In

  • Comprehensive general mast system visual inspection

  • Check all fittings/terminations, rod/fiber/wire, spreaders, sheaves, halyards, headstay, backstay, mast base, partners, halyard blocks and chainplates

  • Check for cracks, corrosion, pitting, rust

  • Service log/update schedule for next service

Level B: Visual Inspection with Mast In – Jack Down/Loose Rigging

  • Pre-check rig to assess service (Level A Inspection)

  • Un-jack mast / Deck-stepped masts loose rigging

  • General visual inspection

  • Check for bends/kinks in fittings and rod

  • Check/lubricate all accessible fittings

  • Properly re-tune to align and seat all cold heads and hardware, and generate proper tension/tuning

  • Service log/update schedule for next service

Level C: Full-service with Mast Out

  • Pre-check rig to assess servicing schedule (Level A Inspection)

  • Un-step mast

  • Complete disassembling of mast/fittings

  • Visual Inspection

  • Clean/polish rod, cold heads and fittings to facilitate inspection process

  • Visual inspection for cracks, corrosion, pitting, rust,general discoloration: remember – Rust Indicates Cracks

  • Visually inspect, and Safe Working Load (SWL) pull test, all fiber rigging

  • Make repairs as needed: re-head rod, replace any fittings or rigging screws

  • Reassemble mast system

  • Update service log/update schedule for next service

  • Re-step/re-tune mast

Standing & Moving Rig Service

Having your rig and rigging routinely inspected is not only good sense, but often required for insurance coverage. It is also an important service to have done if you are looking at purchasing a used boat. Professional inspections can reveal hidden issues before they become critical. Keep your mast and other spars intact, upright, and strong by staying ahead of the maintenance curve. One of our most experienced riggers can inspect your mast, standing rigging, running rigging, hardware, lifelines, and other sailing systems to give you a comprehensive list of prospective issues and concerns

One of our most experienced riggers can inspect your standing and running rigging hardwares to give you a comprehensive list of prospective issues and concerns.


For more details, feel free to contact us.

  • Inspections

  • Wire replacements

  • Rope replacements

  • Winch replacements

  • Furling systems upgrade

  • Self tacking systems upgrade

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