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We do the registration of yachts in Turkey and abroad for our clients! Under which flag would you prefer to register your yacht? Having considered various circumstances, we will find the best solution. Any yacht must be registered before you start sailing. Registration is important, it will influence many aspects in the future.


The port of registration you choose will determine not only the country of origin of the boat but also the rules and conditions that will apply to your vessel, including the duration of use and operating costs in the territorial waters of a particular country.

There are many flags that are considered popular in the international format, but you always need an expert opinion to select the best flag for a particular case. Do all flag states allow Turkish ownership? If the yacht is bought in Europe with EU VAT paid, which flag should be chosen? And what to select if the yacht is purchased with no VAT paid ?Our experts will be happy to find answers to these and other questions.

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