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Upholstery Service

If you are thinking about renovating the interior of your yacht, tailoring new sleeves to protect your cushions or improving the comfort of your berths, then we can certainly help.

Our experienced upholsterers are able to make all kinds of upholstery work around your yacht.

As TMS we work with reliable partners and have a comprehensive selection of high-quality fabric covers, foams and make a complete renewal of existing upholstery furniture, curtains, bedding,pillows and covers.

Feel free to contact us.

Winter Cover Manufacture

Built with rugged construction and materials this cover is a simple and economical way to protect your boat.


With a helper it can be easily installed in just a couple of hours. Utilizing the boom and a forward strut there are minimal components to manage, making for a simple and straight-forward solution.


Feel free to contact with us.

Sprayhood & Bimini Service

Sprayhoods & Biminis serve only one purpose; to protect the cockpit occupants from the elements. As technical Marine Service we offer build custom Bimini&Sprayhoods. We are designing thoughtfully so they can truly enhance the functionality of the cockpit and the overall appearance of the sailboat.

Our operatives can ensure that the whole process is completed in the minimum of time and to the best quality.

Anything that needs to be done, we can do:

  • Low Profile Sprayhoods manufacture

  • High Profile Sprayhoods manufacture

  • Custom Bimini manufacture

  • Custom Dodgers manufacture

  • Repairs

  • Tent Replacement

Do not hesitiate to contact with us.

Sunawning Tent Manufacture

A construction of Sunbrella that sits over the main boom designed to protect you from the sun. We have extended this design to include both front and back doors, as well as extending the side flaps down to the toe rail.


Ultimately this is a sun awning. We do, however, use it in the rain as well, though 100% water exclusion cannot be guaranteed. Certinaly it provides an extra ‘room’ to the boat and you no longer have to shut up the boat to also keep the rain out.

Feel free to contact with us.


Shrink Applications

Shrink wrap, also referred to as shrink film or shrink wrap, is a versatile polymer material can be used for the packaging of the boats. Heat is applied to the film by an electric and/or gas heat gun which catalyzes the film to shrink tightly around the boat placed within.

As TMS, we are using shrink covers for many years. Feel free to contact with us.

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