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Ekincik ~ Koycegiz Harbor

Ekincik Gulf hosts lots of coves and the Ekincik Harbor. The coves on the west side of the gulf that mostly the yachts and boats prefer to anchor are Semizce, Kargi and Karacay Coves. Ekincik is a worldwide famous and special bay covered with pine trees and is located between Marmaris and Dalyan. You may find the Ekincik Cove by passing the Iztuzu Beach by Dalyan. Ekincik is also known as the Kurkculer Village. Ekincik is one of the most preferred blue voyage destinations. With its reputation, you may meet with a world-famous celebrity or movie star at any time in Ekincik. Sting, Dustin Hoffman, Pamela Anderson, Princess Caroline and Prince Charles are some of them. There are two anchoring points in the Ekincik Harbor. One is across the village and the other one is via the Mine Port-Marina Club. Small boats working between Dalyan-Iztuzu Beach are located here too. There are many facilities in Ekincik such as hotels, pension, markets, buffets and phone infrastructure. The beach is hundreds of meters long and fascinating. The road from the port leads to the central Koycegiz and to the main road of Mugla-Fethiye. The mining facility on the southeast side of the harbor is used to be serving chrome for import-export business and now is currently belongs to an enterprise serving for the yachts. The facility is very popular with its variety of fish cuisine. Koycegiz is at the northern end of a lake and meets the Mediterranean Sea by a natural channel. This unique environment is preserved as a nature and wildlife sanctuary.

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