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Çanakkale Martyrs

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Çanakkale is the saddest victory in our history. It is a true epic of a nation's total resistance to the most powerful state and weapons of the age. There is human dignity in every line of this epic. This honor belongs to our saints Mehmetcik, who subdued the enemy not only in the armed struggle but also with the examples of the humanity lesson he gave.

Mehmetçik, who dared to endanger the life of the enemy soldier he injured in the conflict he entered, take him to his back and take him to the enemy trenches, displaying a noble behavior that impresses him with each rank of the enemy and reminded the whole world that war is not just about killing.

In Çanakkale, where 250 thousand of our people reached the level of martyrdom, our people of all ages voluntarily fought, women knitted socks for those on the front, even worked in the production of bullets. In short, every member of the country knew how to stop this brutal influx in cooperation with him.

While the unnamed heroes of this front ran to Çanakkale from every corner of the country, they never thought of returning, and they fulfilled their duty duly by protecting the honor and dignity of Turkishness in the best way possible. By achieving the Çanakkale Victory, they not only achieved a victory, but also ensured the continuation of the Turkish nation's presence in Anatolia.

The Çanakkale Martyrs, who deserve the most beautiful praise, will never be forgotten, they will live eternally in the heart of the Turkish nation. May their souls be blessed!!

18 Mart Çanakkale Deniz Zaferi
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