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Teak Tree Characteristics

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Teak tree, known as the king of trees, has a place among tree species, equal to gold among mines. Teak wood due to its durability, adaptability to temperature and humidity differences, and getting better as it ages; It has been used in many areas of life and especially in maritime for centuries. It is a tree that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and cannot be worn out by time. Due to its properties, it is the most precious of trees and is rare. Teak is a hard wood with an extremely dense texture that resists distortion, warping, shrinkage and swelling. Teak's perfect adaptation to climatic conditions has enabled it to be used as an unrivaled material in the construction of outdoor furnitures and decks for centuries. Furniture made of teak wood can stand in the garden all year long; The only damage it will see will be contamination. The teak tree is rare because it grows only in the Far East in Burma (Myanmar) and Indonesia.

Teak wood is a naturally oily wood and it is necessary to lubricate it with teak oil 1-2 times a year to complete the superficial oils that are lost over time due to weather conditions. Water-based preservatives are now used instead of maintenance oils developed over time. Absolutely no varnish and derivative chemicals are used. Products cleaned with a water-based preservative at the beginning of the season preserve their original colors, otherwise the products will turn gray over time. It does not wear down the tree, it just changes its color.

How often should I have maintenance?

The process to be done is completely related to the appearance of the tree. As long as the teak tree stays outdoors, the oil it contains will decrease, so it will become gray and become polluted due to air pollution. It is recommended to clean and maintain it at the beginning of the season in order to have a new look.

Is there a maintenance option other than teak oil?

If you do not want the floor to turn red, a colorless protective liquid, teak preservative is applied on them. It immediately absorbs any liquid (tea, water, etc.) spilled on the raw wood and becomes stained. Teak creates a film layer by penetrating into the protective wood and provides saturation in a sense. Cuprinol, Polisan, etc. Brand teak oil can be used, as well as German Remmer and Teak wonder water-based polishes. Paint materials are not recommended.

What is the difference between water-based preservative and teak oil?

Teak oil sold in DIY stores and garden companies is not actually the oil of the teak tree. It is a mixture in which various chemicals are used. It gives a dark red color when applied. With very cheap brands or when applied incorrectly, a color close to black can cause a sticky surface. With the imported water-based preservative developed in recent years, a smooth surface, a light red natural color and a new appearance are obtained for a long time.

I know people who use alternative methods and they are very satisfied.

High pressure water, bleach, varnish etc. Applications may give good results at first glance, but may cause cracking and molding as they damage the natural structure of the tree.


The teak gloss (Teak Wonder) applied by our carpenter masters is ready to use and does not require thinning. The can must be thoroughly mixed before use. It can be applied with a brush, cloth or sponge. Afterwards, it is recommended to apply by rubbing with a hard brush to clean the pores well. After waiting for a few minutes, the surface should be rinsed by brushing with plenty of water. In this way, the dirt dissolved in the pores can also be removed from the surface. We recommend using it after teak cleaner. We also safely apply to boat decks, floor coverings and boat furniture made of hard wood.

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