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What is Intersleek 110SR?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The hull of MV Polaris is coated with a new generation antifouling paint. Do not compare this silicone-containing antifouling paint with other antifouling paints that last 1-2 years. If the product is applied by a professional team in accordance with the user manual, your antifouling paint problem will be eliminated for the next 4-5 years.

An advanced fluoropolymer foul release coating, Intersleek 1100SR is biocide-free and designed for application onto the underwater hull. Intersleek 1100SR provides up to 9% fuel savings and CO2 reductions compared to conventional antifouling coatings. Its ultra-smooth low friction surface delivers excellent in-service performance with 1.2% speed loss delivered over the docking cycle. Easy clean and foul release features deliver performance satisfaction with fuel and cost savings, together with true biocide-free credentials. Intersleek 1100SR provides ultimate fuel savings via superior under water hull performance. Unique foul release technology provides enhanced fouling control. It provides the best efficiency for vessels from the start and throughout the vessel life cycle. Over 6,400 ships have been coated with Intersleek technology within the last 20 years, delivering cost savings under the current and future environmental regulation.

You can find the product technical sheet here. Application pictures and videos are shared below. If you don't want to deal with antifouling paint every few years, definitely ask for the price.

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