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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Hello to everyone.

Today, we wanted to give you information about a weird system that is being implemented only in our country. As you appreciate; Blue card system is the electronic tracking of wastes from ships and water vehicles and wastes taken by waste reception facilities, regardless of their flag, by means of a magnetic card in accordance with environmental legislation. The application, which initially started as a pilot region in Muğla and Antalya, now covers all our coasts.

The blue card application is only available in our country among the countries that have coasts to the seas we use jointly. The Blue Card system, which we believe will be an important tool for not polluting our seas and transferring the seas clean to future generations, has unfortunately become the fearful dream of amateur seafarers due to the problems in implementation, legislation and infrastructure deficiencies.

At this stage; While it is expected to eliminate the problems related to the blue card, to eliminate the problems in implementation, to complete the legislative and infrastructure deficiencies, a new statement came from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


It would not be wrong to say that with the new application, amateur

seafarers will have more difficulties in the coming days. Regarding the application in question, the ministry; Is it the environment? Urbanism? Or is it the Ministry of Maritime Affairs? It is definitely considered that new discussions may arise in the coming days.

The regulation will be changed

The Ministry will amend the "Regulation on Receiving Waste from Ships and Control of Wastes". The Ministry, which revised the regulation, opened the draft regulation for opinion on its web page. With the regulation, the management of wastes originating from ships in inland waterways, lakes and rivers will also be provided, and waste can be collected from support vessels, platforms, ships and similar structures used to carry out drilling activities. According to the draft regulation, wastes can be removed from the waste reception facility without a waste commission.

Tracking will be done online and instantly

Within the scope of the principles to be determined by the Ministry with the new regulation, a "Sewage Tracking System (PSTS)" will be installed on oil tankers under 150 gross tons and sewage tanks of other ships under 400 gross tons, as well as marine vehicles such as yachts and boats.

Tracking will be done online and instantly with PSTS. In the event of an unexpected change in the waste water tanks of the covered marine vessels, legal action will be applied to these vessels.

In the areas to be determined, ships with wastewater treatment devices will be able to discharge their wastewater into the sea after performing the necessary treatment in accordance with the criteria specified in Annex-IV of the Marpol Convention.

Vessels with a tank occupancy of more than 80 percent will not be allowed to take off

Ship waste will be monitored more closely with special teams to be established. Discharge of marine vehicles from waste water tanks to the sea will be prevented. Ships with waste tank occupancy above 80 percent will not be allowed to take off.

The application covers nearly 70 thousand yachts and boats

The PSTS foreseen in the draft regulation covers nearly 70 thousand yachts and boats across the country. With the system in question, by installing sensors on ships in lakes and rivers, the management of waste generated at these points will also be provided.

It should not be forgotten that; The main and secondary elements that pollute our seas must be determined correctly. Only in this way will amateur seafarers be able to avoid being scapegoats. Our amateur sailors; As a volunteer environmental guard, in the hope that they can live in a better country where they can make a positive contribution to the system.

Respect and love.

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