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Insurance Activities

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Hello to everyone.

Today, we will give you very brief information about "Insurance Activities". For example; you bought a boat. You want to take out insurance for your boat. There are hundreds of insurance companies that have become prominent in the market. Some of these insurance companies can sign insurance policies needed by the maritime industry. Some of them are; Unfortunately, he is not interested in boats. As you appreciate, it is very difficult to carry out these activities with companies that are not experienced in their field. The prepared policy offer amounts of these companies can be caught.

There is also the issue of exemptions. Most of the insurance companies apply for these exemptions in order to reduce the policy amounts and make their offers more attractive. For example, you bought a 100.000 € boat and there is a 3% exemption in your policy. As a result of this exemption, even though you have made your insurance policy with a more suitable amount, you have to cover the damages of your boat for 3000 € yourself. It is a good method for marketing activity. While the major damages of the boat are covered by the insurance company, minor damages are covered by you and you can have the chance to get insurance for more affordable prices.

In addition, the cruise zone of the boat stands out as a factor affecting the current insurance policy amount in the requirements and criteria, such as the guarantee clauses of the countries located within the cruise zone. When making an insurance policy, it is useful to inform your insurer of these factors absolutely.

If you buy a boat from us; We are directing you to an experienced institution that we have selected according to the following criteria. While choosing this institution, we took care the items below.

  • Experiences in the sector,

  • Whether the consultant is a seaman or not,

  • Travel regions and other countries' guarantee clauses as location,

  • Whether an exemption is applied or not,

We would like to express that we have been an intermediary in the insurance activities of 6 of the 12 boats we have sold so far, and at the same time, we have received positive feedback from the boat owners. If you want to insure your boat, you can contact us by filling out the form below. Make sure we can offer the most suitable offer on the market.

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