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Beneteau Oceanis 50 For Rent Aegan's Passion - FOCA

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Good day to everyone. Today we are together again with a different subject.

When it comes to yachting, the south coast immediately comes to mind. They call Marmaris, Göcek and Bodrum the "heart" of this business. Not that; It would not be wrong to say that there are incredibly beautiful bays and harbors in the Aegean, and that many boats also travel in the Aegean during the season.

You are going to learn about a family that live on board in Foça/IZMIR, the pearl of the Aegean. Having a total of three captains; they live on a fifty foot sailing boat called "Tutku". Tutku means "Passion" in English. We can say that, they almost identified with Foça.

The Captain Melih is also a boat manufacturer. The captain Figen is a gourmet besides her captain skills. She brought all of the Aegean cuisine to the boat. The couple organizes many different organizations as well as sailing trips in the Aegean. The third captain is responsible for the safety of SV Tutku. By looking into people's eyes, he can understand "friend or foe?"

Foça is a pearl of the Aegean. Pleasant; when the mooring is resolved, you have to leave Foça. However; the place you sail back will be the Foça, again. When you leave from the gulf; You can visit Chios island, Çeşme in the south. And in the north; Bademli, Ayvalık, Mitilini island are ready to welcome you.

Figen-Melih couple organizes many different organizations. You have the chance to taste the Aegean cuisine at a nice dinner table as well as to explore the Aegean with daily and weekend getaways.

I would definitely like my friends and colleagues who do not have experience of cruising and traveling in the Aegean to meet the couple Figen-Melih. You can reach them from here. Well, If you couldn't reach them just give us a call..

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