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Sail Away -  Junior Package  Yatching  Courses

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

A course for aspiring skippers with some yachting experience and basic navigation and sailing skills.

You'll spend 3 days aboard one of our yachts, where you will be fully involved in the running and handling of the boat. After the course you may well wish to take Adult Package Yachting Course, too.

Our Junior Package Yachting course is suitable for:

  • Those who has passion about yatching.

  • Preliminary to sail bareboat.

  • Preliminary to charter a boat.

  • Those that have or will be getting their own boat and are looking to gain confidence.

  • Those out to become more confident and to be able to go further a field.

  • Those looking to explore the area with the security of having an experienced skipper onboard.

  • Dinghy sailors moving up to yacht sailing.

Our Junior Package Yachting course, you will become:

  • A confident decision-making in all aspects of yacht navigation and handling.

  • Skilled in passage planning and its deployment.

  • Conversant with the on board rules and sailing etiquette for every day situations.

  • Preliminary to apply for an International Certificate of Competency.

  • A competent yachtsman/woman.

In the morning you will take a brifing from our skippers. This is your chance to gain the knowledge and experience developed by our skippers.

Please note that; You are free to cook on board. We usually will get moor a port which has a restaurant facility, at night. You may wish to keep sailing with a sandwich in one hand, the wheel or tiller in the other and a drink propped safely in the corner. It means, you are free to bring your food on board.

Alternatively, anchor in a secluded sheltered bay, enjoy a pre-lunch swim and the range of fresh produce purchased that morning. Follow this with a long siesta; knowing that the only sound you will hear is the whisper of the wind and the gentle lapping of the water against your boat.

Our skippers will teach you prepatation for sea basicaly and praticaly. You will learn; deck working, navigation, pilotage, meteorology, rules of the road, victualling, emergency situations, yacht handling under power, yacht handling under sail and passage making. And they will help you to build 100 miles in four days. At the and of the duration, all guests have the knowlege of steering a sailboat. After a days sailing you always get a deeply relaxing and satisfying feeling when you are safely tied up. It's a great time to recap on the day's adventures and feed back. You can discuss and ask about the , day's adventures to our skipper. If you don't, we are ready for teaching, dont worry!

The course is run on a training yacht (Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45), with maximum of 6 guests plus instructor per yacht. Boat price is €1800 for 3 days. You can book the boat individual or group, no matter. You can also book the yacht training for private use or just book a space. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Private instruction is a good way for couples and families to learn sailing at there own speed. Private instruction means you have your own teaching yacht and do not have to share with strangers. It also means that you have your own dedicated instructor. The instructor sleeps on board the yacht as they are responsible for the safety of the yacht and your party. As a rule instructors are also the best at discretion and keeping secrets.

We take children of any age on a private sailing course – and we have had them as young as new born’s to fully grown. Organizing family cruises where the whole family takes a selection of qualifications is a great example of using the private instruction option to fulfill that perfect family vacation.

It is possible to have children on board when mum and/or dad take their Junior Package course, but this is a little more difficult as the course is more intensive.

Minimum Students

Normally two people is the minimum that we can take on a private course but we can run a course for just one person if you book the yacht for 3 days.

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