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Sail Away -  Baby  Package  Yatching  Courses

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

You'll spend two days aboard one of our yachts, where you will be fully involved in the running and handling of the boat. After the course you may well wish to take Junior Package Yachting Course, too.

Our Baby Package Yachting course is suitable for:

  • Those completely new to sailing and yachting.

  • Beginners looking to confidently take on the challenge abroad

  • Dinghy sailors moving up to yacht sailing.

Our Baby Package Yachting course includes:

  • Two days sailing aboard one of our ocean going yachts.

  • Expert skipper and supervision.

  • Real life taster of what cruising in a yacht is all about.

By the end of the course:

  • You'll know your way about a yacht.

  • You will have experienced steering a yacht.

  • Experienced about sail handling, ropework and be aware of safety on board.

  • Rules of the road.

  • Hungry for more knowledge.

  • Ready to go for Junior Package Yachting Courses.

In the morning you will take a brifing from our skippers. This is your chance to gain the knowledge and experience developed by our skippers.

Please note that; since the duration is only two days, we don't want to waste time with cooking on the boat. That's why, we usually will get moor a port which has a restaurant facility, at night. You may wish to keep sailing with a sandwich in one hand, the wheel or tiller in the other and a drink propped safely in the corner. It means, you are free to bring your food on board. Dont forget; you are try to learn sailing, not eating.

Our skippers will teach you how to steer the boat with under sail in all wind directions. At the and of the day, all guests have the knowlege of steering a sailboat. After a days sailing you always get a deeply relaxing and satisfying feeling when you are safely tied up. It's a great time to recap on the day's adventures and feed back. You can discuss and ask about the aware of safety on board, ropeworks, day's adventures to our skipper. If you don't, we are ready for teaching, dont worry!

The course is run on a training yacht (Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45), with maximum of 6 guests plus instructor per yacht. You can book the boat individual or group, no matter. You can also book the yacht training for private use or just book a space. Call us to discuss your requirements. Check avaibility.

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