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Perfect Program for Amateur Sea farers!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Unlimited Skippered programs are a popular way of offset the operating costs of a yacht. This program is suitable for all amateur seafarers. If you have a boat we can make a deal. We respect about your sailing habits. Your boat will continue to stay at the berthing place of yours . We are listing you as a skipper and your boat details on our servers.

All costs for financing, running and maintaining the yacht are yours which you get used to do. She is ready for your own use as and when you want to go sailing.


Most yachts are not used 365 days per year and remain alongside in the marina for large chunks of time.

We look to use that “spare” time and charter the boat to generate a revenue stream for you.

With ever increasing costs of ownership skippered program offers an excellent way to recover many of the associated expenses


  • 20 years of experience in the marine industry

  • Advice and assistance of yacht ownership

  • Flexibility to specify the yacht how you want it

  • New and used yachts for sale

  • None of our company branding on the yachts hull

  • Flexible on usage

How It Works?

  • We are listing your boat details, pictures, your requests and biography on our servers for free.

  • Customers will be sent to you by the help of us.

  • We are marketing and manage the charters on your yacht.

  • We pay you 80% of all charter income.

  • All costs for financing, running and maintaining the yacht are yours.

  • You get complete freedom to use the yacht as and when you want.

  • Base will be where ever you want.


  • Use the natural “unused” time on your yacht to generate an income

  • Offset the operating costs of your boat

  • All this with the opportunity to use the boat as much as you might ordinarily do.

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