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Great Apps for Sailors

When you are out sailing now, there are so many apps to take advantage off including some great ones for us sailors and we have listed our favourites below!


All of Navionics excellent navigational charts are in a really easy to use interactive app, where you can plan your routes and predict your ETA, measures your distances and you can even create routes based on your cruising speed and fuel consumption.

anyTide UK Tides

This is a great app for for giving you tidal predictions anywhere along the UK coast, which can also be used offline by bookmarking. The tide charts features include; zoomable from 12 hours to 3 weeks; you can swipe to control time periods and there is an auto and manual height scale from 5m to 15m.

Marine Weather by AccuWeather: UK Edition

This app gives you access to the latest, real time, marine weather conditions and has been purposefully designed for water hobbyists. It can give you a minute-by-minute forecast for you exact location. Never get caught out again!

Imray: Marine Rules & Signals

This is a beautifully illustrated and excellent app that gives you a reference guide to all the rules and signals that you need to know whilst at Sea. It is an extremely useful tool to remind yourself quickly of the meaning of navigational buoys, lights, flag signals and radio calls.

ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing

If you are a keen racer, then this is the app for you! The RRS Racing Rules of Sailing govern the sport on the water, so if you want to stay on top of the pack then remind yourself of the race signals and rules in this useful app.

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