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We have many years of experience within the marine industry across whole range of sectors including:-

  • Yacht Management

  • New and second hand yacht sales

  • Operations

  • Customer Care and Aftersales

You can often save money by buying around the end of July, just before new models come out. At this time, many dealers will lower their prices to clear out old stock making way for the new. Of course your boat may not be the newest model for very long if you go down this route.

If you're undecided on the make and model of boat, then visiting boat shows is an excellent way to compare several types. A boat show may also allow you to haggle the best deal from a selection of rival dealers.


  • Yacht selection

  • Equipment selection

  • Contracts

  • Fit out and commissioning

  • Handover and sea trials

  • Warranty work

  • Training and Tuition

  • Ongoing maintenance

Therefore and regardless as to the size of yacht, we believe that it helps to have some impartial advice on hand who is motivated to provide you with the best advice. At the end of the day buying a yacht is meant to be a fun experience and we will do everything we can to help you enjoy the journey.


  • We offer advice on the latest and best equipment, helping you set up the boat the best way for your needs from the outset.

  • We work with the builder &/or dealer to make sure everything stays on track

  • After handover we work quickly to iron out snagging / warranty issues.

  • We are on hand during the early stages of ownership to help you until you are familiar with yacht

You may have already made your decision, but even if you are just starting out we can help in so many ways even if it is to simply challenge your thoughts and offer some alternatives that you may not have considered.

You can check our brokerage page for pre-owned boats, too.

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