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French Kiss - SOLD

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Hello there.

Today I will introduce a special boat to you. Actually, there is no need to explain the boat much. A boat that has already proven itself in the world seas. The story of the boat is as follows;

I spent five full years of my life in Foça / İzmir. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to meet many boat owners. I made very good friendships. We are still meeting with many captains. This boat that I will introduce to you belongs to one of my captain friends in Foça, Kenan Hatipoğlu.

As a result of our conversation with Kenan, I understood better why they wanted to sell their boat. There are many righteous sides to which I agree with him, actually. As you appreciate, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit almost every corner of the world. Especially in the last period, as a result of the restrictions concerned with Greece, our sailing areas in the Mediterranean and Aegean have been reduced. In addition, everybody who throw him/herself into the sea due to the pandemic.As a result of the inclusion of people lacking the marine culture, coasts of Turkey was filled, overflowed.

In addition; They decided to sell their boats on the grounds that they do not look very favorably on long-term cruise programs on the south coasts and the costs of boat operation and maintenance are high.

Although he is the third owner of the boat, we can call him the second owner. The first owner of the boat disposed of the boat at the end of the first year due to illness. Kenan has been using the boat with his wife for many years. Of course, we did many cruises together.

Our people; usually do not know of any other boat brand except Jeanneau, Bavaria, Beneteau . They probably could not drink raki on aft cockpit. I'm not the only one who saying that. Many authorities say. It is impossible not to agree.

Our boat; 2003 model Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 40. Henri Wauquiez, who devoted his life to the construction of extraordinary boats, started to build boats in 1965 in his shipyard named after him. He has never chosen the mass production model. Wauquiez brand continues to build extraordinary boats today.

In order for a boat to be described as a Wauquiez, it does not need to be expressed with words "a very full boat", "a luxury boat" and so on. You can see the concepts of quality and innovation in each of the yachts built by Wauquiez. The knowledge and experience gained through many years in the sector; When combined with the special requests of the customers, we can say that non-mass production and quite ordinary boat productions have been carried out, and they continue to be built.

These boats; These boats are capable of appealing to anyone whose lives are passionately devoted to sea, world tours and / or races, safe, performance and quality boats that you can travel around the world comfortably. For more information about Wauquiez you can click here.

Since the boat was acquired before 23 January 2017, it also has the right to pass on the Turkish flag. If you want to buy the boat with the Turkish flag, the Turkish flag passage procedures can be initiated by the boat owner, provided that you cover the passage costs.

The details and features of the boat are shared below, you can contact me for more details and contact information of Kenan captain. Our boat is on sale for 135k €. It will be ready for a cruise and delivered at sea. For more details please contact us.

Respect and love ..

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