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2023 Mooring Log License Fees

XIII- Fees to be collected from mooring registration licenses and their visas: (Section added by Article 4 of Law No. 5897. Effective: 30/06/2009 – Correction: Section added by Article 4 of Law No. 6770. Effective: 27.01.2017) 10/8/ Among the licenses to be issued to ships, sea, and inland watercraft registered in the mooring logs created in accordance with the provisions of the Decree Law on the Establishment and Duties of the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs No. 491 dated 1993 (According to the length of the ship, sea, and inland watercraft):


3.507,75 TL from 5 meters to 8.99 meters

7.019,25 TL from 9 meters to 11.99 meters

14.041,50 TL from 12 meters to 19.99 meters

28.086,15 TL from 20 meters to 29.99 meters

It is taken from those that are 30 meters and above. 56.177,55 TL


If the Mooring Log License of boats up to 4.99 meters in length needs to be renewed for any reason (Sale, Visa filing, Change of Boat Information, Loss of Documents, Wear, etc.), it is exempt from fees.

MOORING LOGING FEE according to Boat Length is not paid for document renewals due to Document Loss, Wear, and Visa expiration.

If the Visa section on the back of the Mooring Billing License is expired, the MOORING LOGING FEE is paid according to the Boat Length in the new document issuance.

Values smaller than one meter are not taken into account when determining the length of the vehicle. Licenses to be obtained and visa procedures to be obtained for ships, sea and inland water vehicles used exclusively in maritime transportation and fishing activities are exempt from the fees in this section.

Things to Consider in Private Boats:

Motor Vehicle Tax paid for Turkish Flag Private Yachts has been abolished as of July 2009, and instead, a fee is collected according to the Boat Length under the name of "Mooring Log Fee".

It has become mandatory for Private Yachts to obtain a Mooring Log License.

For the Mooring Registration License, vehicles subject to duty must pay their fees on time and obtain a visa for their license.

Since Port Registration is obligatory for yachts that sail only with a Municipal License, these yachts must be registered at the port and obtain a Mooring Registry license by completing their navigational equipment.

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